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Incendiary Magazine:

If you give this a listen, you will also note that Love Agency has an inherently introspective feel to from first to last: the quiet vibe finding best release through a sort of underpowered keyboard rave that is intent on keeping on the right side of the tracks. Tracks like Howl and Black Book tick along nicely revealing a flash of melody now and again though there’s always a feeling of angst with this LP

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Love Agency

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Debutsingle “Agency not for me” Release Reception

We had a great first Release Reception just before christmas, lots of interested and happy people, several Love Agents and a great wipe as we put some sound and images in motion, thx everybody for  a great evening.

Narkohund helps the Istedgade community find pleasure in life

Narkohund took to the streets of Istedgade, Copenhagen to spread joy with their beautiful suits and love guns. People of all walks of life cheered them on while sexy dancers made a nice entrance to the Enghave Park. This was all part of the shooting of a video piece for the release of narkohunds first single “Agency not for me”.

Narkohund – Welcome Earth

Meet Narkohund, Electro duo from Copenhagen. Debuting this fall with the album Love Agency. We will be updating here every now and then…

Lyrics and music for the Love Agency songs are presenting a futuristic state of mind where we are all meant to be completely emotionally fulfilled thru governmental intervention. The system has certain flaws and at times lacks the element of inspiration that can assure its future exsistence. People within the Love Agency has spotted in Andy Ray, a former neuro DJ and Pop star, the talent that might assure that we can live stimulating, balanced and emotionally satisfying lives.


What originally started as a Music and Food club in Copenhagen in 2010, evolved as Peter Harris and Anders Midtgaard began experimenting with house songs and Futuresc songwriting, late at night. The masterplan was to produce a song each month for a year. In order to release an album in 2011. The duo in the process turned to Dubstep, Industrial, Electro Pop and Down tempo avant-gard for inspiration.
April 2011 now 9 songs are ready for publishing.

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